About Us

At ChakraKare, our aim is to help YOU achieve your highest potential. We want to be India's first 'Mindful+ Nutrition' company seamlessly blending modern science with our traditional wisdom.

We offer smart, science-based formulas that work by activating mind-body synergy. Our easy-to-consume formats help you prioritize your health correctly, conveniently, consistently.  

Why ChakraKare?

The Chakras or Energy Centers have been traditionally associated with our holistic well-being. They are believed to relate to certain organs as well as physical, mental, spiritual, and intellectual states of being, and they have an impact on all aspects of your life. All individuals are born with these energy centers, and effectively caring for and energizing them is critical. Whether physical or metaphorical, the concept of Energy Centers provides us with a great framework to care for ourselves holistically.

Today, ChakraKare is using this same framework coupled with modern science and technology to create formulas to help balance your body's Energy and remove blockages that are impeding your personal progress.

What makes us different?

We do not want to be just any other company selling healing products. Rather than choosing from a mindless assortment, you will find selected products with effective ingredients focused on your specific need. We choose components that are "smart" - that part of a plant or fruit or nutrient that delivers more effective outcomes. Our concentrated and purified extracts ensure that our customers receive the optimal dose of energy to experience benefits immediately.

You will find the relevant research on the ingredients transparently mentioned on each product page - so that you can see for yourself the strength of scientific evidence and traditional wisdom that is behind our products.

Most importantly, we recognize that YOU are unique and so are your body's energy needs. We want to work together with you to discover tailored formulas that are best for you.

The ChakraKare Promise : Simple - Smart - Science

Keeping it simple

Convenient, bubbly yet highly bio-available formats with refreshing taste. Healthy doesn't have to be hard.

Smart Solutions

Nutrition with Purpose. Targeted benefits. Ingredients with synergies to get better results faster.

Science-based Guidance

Product design backed by science. Evidence presented to you transparently. Make an informed decision.

Start your wellness journey now:

Live your best life with targeted formulas tailored for your unique needs. Enhance anything from focus to metabolism to vitality.