Exercises to Build Strength in Women

Inverted Row

Your shoulders will stay healthy and your upper-back will become stronger when you perform rowing exercises. Inverted rowing is better than other traditional rowing exercises because it incorporates your entire body and builds core strength at the same time. It's a win-win!

Anti-Rotation Press

Our favorite exercise for your lateral oblique is the anti-rotation press. If you press the band out, your lateral obliques will have to work twice as hard to keep you from rotating. 

Goblet Squat

The most important thing you can do. With a proper squat, you demonstrate adequate ankle, knee, and hip range of motion as well as solid lower-body strength. Due to previous knee pain, many women think they can't squat. When they learn the proper technique and keep the range of motion small, they will soon be squatting pain-free with weights.


Most women want to improve their upper-body strength. Push-ups are our favorite exercise for doing just that. With this exercise, you will not only tone your arms but also build a solid core! If you are new to push-ups, start from an elevated position and move closer to the floor as your strength improves.

Dead-Bug in Wall-Press

Dynamic's favorite ab exercise is the dead-bug. It is a great way to build anterior ab strength, and it is suitable for all levels. As part of our warm-ups, strength circuits, and even cardio finishers, we use them.


Split squats are our second favorite lower-body strength exercise. Similar to the squat, the split squat improves lower-body strength and mobility. We increase the challenge here by putting you on one leg which helps to improve balance and flexibility and strength. Our women’s group members master this exercises before moving on to more advanced exercises like lunges.